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The new energy technology research institute of high-tech zone will be concluded successfully.
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Time is easy, but it is a year. On February 10, 2018, in new energy technology research institute and if the zone, xuzhou, electric car accessories co., LTD., the linkage and the chests of planning, if high-tech zone of new energy technology research institute in 2017 and spring fraternity brothers unit, in the wei and the second floor for the company hall held successfully.

The fraternity pleasure. If invited to high-tech zone administrative committee secretary Du Feilong, technology bureau director zhang Lin, director of China merchants huang leadership such as high-tech zone, and invited the high-tech zone approved by the company, at the same time, meetall seiko technology company, friends letter macro branch, the south permanent magnet, golden cat robot, and a number of brothers in bandung group enterprise representatives.

At the meeting, professor li, the President of the institute, expressed his gratitude for the support expressed in the high-tech zone and looked forward to the bright future of the institute. The leaders, such as secretary du and zhang, made speeches respectively, affirming the achievements made by the institute since its establishment, while raising higher requirements and more expectations.

The association with the subject of development and utilization of new energy technology, around every brother enterprise mutual help, sheer forward goal, efforts to create a gathered to celebrate the New Year holidays, all the expenses do austerity, to avoid the unnecessary extravagance and waste, positive response to the superior leadership and department issued by the relevant spirit and instructions.

At the end of the fraternity, the leaders and representatives of the brothers visited the institute's high precision equipment and the STM assembly line of the company.

The sorority was brought to a successful end in a lively and festive atmosphere. Farewell to 2017, we are standing on a new starting line and looking forward to 2018, we are ready to start. Let us in the New Year with our enthusiasm and tenacity, sincerity and persistence, diligence and simple to welcome new brilliance!

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