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Common faults and treatment of motor maintenance explosion proof motor
Release time:2018-3-5 20:44:34      Number of clicks:418
The motor maintenance of the anti-explosion motor is difficult or does not start the fault, may be the power supply voltage too low, check the power to adjust the voltage; The fuse is broken or broken, check the fuse or circuit; Starter failure, repair starter, stator winding break, repair motor winding; Fixed, rotor iron core phase friction, check fixed, rotor iron core, rotor bar, check rotor; Bearing damage replacement bearing, load card resistance, disk check, eliminate failure.
Motor maintenance explosion - proof motor motor overheating fault, may be overload operation, appropriately reduce load; The voltage is too high or too low to adjust the voltage; Stator winding short circuit, repair or replace stator winding; Ventilation is bad, clean air duct foreign body.
Motor maintenance explosion failure of explosion proof motor; It is possible that the model is incorrect, and the motor model is changed as required. Operate in violation of the rules of arbitrary overload, operate according to regulations, reduce load; The anti-explosion surface is seriously corroded, the installation and maintenance is improper, eliminate rust, deform or replace the motor; Motor corrosion is serious, due to the winding burnt or fixed, rotor phase friction caused overheating, replace the motor; The explosive situation does not meet the explosion-proof cause, according to the cause of detonation, the rubber seal can't be damaged, and the sealing ring is replaced. The supporting equipment USES the non-explosion-proof equipment, the proper use of the electrical equipment.
Motor repair explosion-proof motor insulation resistance low failure, may be a stator winding be affected with damp be affected with damp, drying processing, insulation aging or damage, serious or replace winding insulation, dust too much, often clean, clean.
The motor maintenance explosion-proof motor to carry out the abnormal noise, may be fixed, rotor phase friction, repair, rotor iron core; Loose iron core, check and tighten iron core; Fan end cover, adjustment or overhaul end cover, end cover with base or bearing inside and outside cover contact poor, fastening bolts.
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