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New energy technology R & D center and achievement conversion base
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We are committed to the development, incubation and industrialization of key technologies for new energy vehicles    

If new energy technology in the zone institute is set up, pizhou high-tech zone government guided by the national new energy planning for traction energy demand, to the national and local new energy industry to provide technology for the purpose, to develop new energy technology, new energy vehicles, new power battery and energy storage technology, wind energy, solar energy, smart grid, energy conservation and emissions reduction, energy policy and research and develop the cutting-edge technologies in the fields of low carbon economy research; Provide solutions to replace traditional energy sources with new energy. So far, research has to undertake the project of new energy projects and enterprises cooperation development direction, serving local enterprises, implementation of new energy vehicles high-speed motor, electronic control, transfer of the industrialization of the power electronic devices, etc

The research institute is positioned in the application research of new energy field to break through the key material and integration technology bottleneck, and the industrialization application of new energy products is the goal. In the process of promoting the industrialization of new energy technologies, pizhou featured industries; Promote the promotion of pizhou high-tech zone to become a national high-tech development zone and a new energy demonstration base; To form a scientific and technological competitive power, a clear positioning of the industrialization research and development power, has a basic complete scientific research equipment facilities.

Scientific research plan will aim at the new energy "convert - storage - efficient use" value chain a series of key technologies needed for layout, covering the traditional energy technology, energy storage, energy efficient utilization and cultivate forward-looking technology research of the sustainable development of the energy in the future. Adhering to the concept of "value thinking, benefit orientation". At the same time, we will focus on the research of new energy generic technology and provide strong technical support for the sustainable development of pizhou local economy.

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